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The core purpose of this post is to provide high level medical leadership, expertise, advice and scrutiny to all strategic and operational aspects of the business.
The post holder will work shoulder to shoulder with the Director of Risk and Quality leading on patient safety, and with the nurse leadership on clinical quality improvement and the clinical workforce strategy.
They will also act as a conduit and challenge for clinical governance concerns.
At all times the post holder must act in a manner consistent with the internal code of conduct and statutory requirements of a directorship.
As a member of the board, the post holder will be accountable for delivering and developing the strategy of the organisation, its leadership and its delivery of the required standards to our commissioners and the public.
It is envisaged that the role will involve 15 hours per week working primarily alongside the Quality and Risk Team and the Nursing Leadership. In addition, a further flexible day integrated in clinical service provision is expected which will be patient facing and may be within any of our business units. All aspects of the role will carry appropriate leadership responsibilities.
The post holder will work closely with the nurse leadership overseeing the management of professional issues with specific responsibility for the medical workforce and the medical services provided by clinicians.
This post is supported by a group of extraordinary executive individuals who are driven by compassion and doing the right thing. It is a key role within an established team that have the experience and expertise to continue to drive the business forwards the successful candidate will enhance and complement this dynamic ensuring the group continues to evolve and grow.
Fundamentally, the Organisational Medical Director will need to complement the current leadership, bring challenge, embrace the values and be a team player, in what continues to be an exciting and dynamic business.
Principal Responsibilities
Fulfil statutory and corporate responsibilities as a Director and member of the Board but with specific attention to the management of clinically related matters including clinical improvement.
Share corporate responsibility in the shaping and delivery of the organisations strategic direction and the consistent reinforcement of organisational culture.
Executive lead on matters pertaining to Coroners inquests.
Advise the Board on the impact of relevant legislation and national policies.
Maintain and enhance excellent relationships with the local community and the wider health economy, ensuring that the organisations existing reputation is supported and enhanced.
Take lead responsibility for the following areas:
o clinical services and workforce strategy working closely with the nurse leadership
o clinical performance and professional practice, with the nurse leadership and
o improvement within Urgent and Non Urgent Care.
Ensure the successful oversight and communication to board level of clinical governance and related assurance frameworks. This will require working shoulder to shoulder with with the Director of Risk and Quality and the relevant clinical leadership groups.
To be a flexible key team player whilst providing challenge and expertise. This is fundamentally a facilitatory and coaching role not a command and control post.
Provide expertise in shaping the policies and strategies for developing, modernising and constantly improving clinical practice.
Take the lead on advising on clinical performance or disciplinary matters in relation to medically trained personnel (e.g. GPs) and clinicians providing medical services being the Responsible officer with respect to performance issues in relation to Doctors
Support and mentorship of clinicians, providing support and mentorship to clinicians providing medical services
To facilitate autonomy within the governance teams without micromanagement.
In partnership with the senior clinical team bear overall high level responsibility for Clinical Quality, Assurance and Risk and the continuous improvement in the quality of services
Facilitate and support systems of clinical governance which places patient safety at the heart of the organisation.
Responsible for safe and effective management of medicines and controlled drugs including responsible signature for procurement of said medicines and management of drug errors.
Champion the provision of an environment that supports the delivery of exceptional clinical services
Working alongside and supporting the NMP lead in the organisation and clinical safety officer to reduce clinical risk
Supporting the safeguarding organisational lead and championing a safeguarding culture in the organisation.
High level oversight of the clinical components of education, training and development of the clinical workforce and any necessary extension of skills for the workforce in line with changing health community needs and organisational development and longevity.
To contribute to the development of new and innovative approaches to the delivery of urgent and unscheduled care services, working collaboratively with the local health systems.
To help ensure clinical research, and medical audit is embedded in the organisation and that national clinical guidance is implemented
General Working Arrangements
You will be responsible for services across a diverse geography and will be expected to be able to travel between sites as appropriate working from any of the company locations.
Your working patterns will need to be flexible in tune with the needs of the company
You will be embedded in a culture and a support system that is focused on both the needs of the company and the needs of the individual, you will be expected to embrace this as the norm and strive for self improvement as well as service improvement.
The duties and responsibilities highlighted within this document are indicative and may vary over time. There is an expectation to undertake other duties and responsibilities relevant to the nature level and extent of the post
General Duties
Maintaining regular consistent attendance, punctuality, personal appearance and adherence to relevant health and safety procedures.
To attend all statutory and specified training courses and any courses specific to this role.
To be available for staff meetings and meetings with management.
To have a good understanding of and follow company policies and procedures.
Establish and maintain effective working relationships with co-workers and the general public.
Attend performance and development reviews with the Chairman/CEO or Senior Team.
Benefits: 34 days annual leave pro rata to the hours of work, NHS Pension, Rewards and Benefits platform, Sickness bonus for no sick absence .
The role is subject to a DBS check which will require three forms of valid ID to be produced and verified. The onboarding process is also subject to an Occupational Health check, suitable professional references and eligibility to work in the UK (with the requirement to provide relevant documentation as evidence).

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