Station Leader King Edward Point – British Antarctic Survey – Newton

British Antarctic Survey

Background/Overview: Main Description British Antarctic Survey (BAS) is seeking to appoint a Station Leader at King Edward Point Research Station to lead a highly motivated group of operational and scientific staff.

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A year-long tour as station leader will be a rewarding opportunity to support the Government of South Georgia & South Sandwich Islands (GSGSSI) in their work and scientists in their research.

The ideal candidate should have excellent leadership and management skills and be comfortable interacting with a broad spectrum of employee personalities and skillsets on an isolated station.

Station Leaders are delegated authority for local station matters by BAS Cambridge.

The Station Leader will be required to uphold BAS core values and ensure that activities undertaken on station comply with policies and procedures.

The Station Leader has oversight of all aspects of life on station, including safety control systems, incident management, personnel training, environmental protection, staff appraisals and recreational activities.

This role offers incredible opportunities to observe the amazing wildlife that inhabit South Georgia Purpose: Manage Bird Island Research Station on site during the austral summer.

In doing so, the Station Leader is expected to oversee a safe and efficient operation.

Supporting Polar Operations in the role of delivering services to science projects in the Subantarctic, in accordance with BAS policies and plans.

Duties: Co-ordination, administration, the provision of leadership and full responsibility for the activities of the Research Station.

Planning and implementation of annual ship relief to the station.

This will include a) briefing of personnel b) the management of resources and staff c) co-ordination, with shipping to ensure proper movement of cargo on/off station d) ensuring station supplies are properly stored, indented and checked Maintain effective communication between Cambridge and Station.

Keeping the staff complement informed of issues that arise.

Work to harmonise team efforts towards BAS goals and standards in all work activities, in conjunction with line managers and Station Operations Manager.

Produce and administer safe operating procedures/systems of work, for all station activities including health and safety legislation, risk assessment, accident reporting, logistics, procurement, and environmental considerations.

To oversee environmental protection according to BAS policies and protection plans.

Promoting full use of the recycling process, safe retrograde of wastes and promotion of energy saving practices.

Ensure appropriate emergency plans and procedures are maintained and regularly exercised.

Take a lead role in the management of major incidents, emergencies, and difficulties as they arise.

The provision of comprehensive reports monthly reports and the completion of staff appraisals.

This should include regular update reports during the austral summer season.

To provide a primary focus for VIP and media visits.

To coordinate field plans for the discharge of science projects, in liaison with the Polar Operations.

To facilitate the appointment of a Winter Station Leader (WSL) from one of the wintering Bird Island staff.

Once selected the WSL will need training and mentoring in various aspects of the role, including cargo, rotas, personnel management and Maximo.

Provide BAS Finance with monthly station staff accounts.

The post holder will be required to liaise with: Station Operations Manager to work on planning tasks for the station.

Relevant BAS Sections, advising and assisting in the assessment of likely impacts of local conditions on scientific and technical projects.

Facilities Engineer & Station Operations Manager, to ensure that the station infrastructure is maintained in the most resource-efficient manner.

Supply Chain Logistics and Polar Estates to ensure timely provision, procurement and packing are achieved according to Station needs.

Environmental Office to ensure best environmental practice and to raise environmental awareness

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